Nonlinear Analysis in Chemical Engineering

by Bruce A. Finlayson

cover by Eric Dean

List of Chapters

334 pages, paperback

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Fields using the book (from citations since 2000): Reactors and reactions • polymerization • yeast fermentation • chemical vapor deposition (computer chips) • radial flow reactors • catalytic converters (in your automobile) • pulp manufacture Separations • insulin purification • separation of glucose from fructose • diffusion in membranes and porous media • hollow fiber membranes • chiral separations • pollution control • electrochromatography • supercritical extraction (from plants) • solvents from oil seeds • distillation • pressure swing adsorption • moving bed processes • ion exchange • adsorption • affinity chromatography • liquid crystals
See also another book by Bruce Finlayson: Numerical Methods for Problems with Moving Fronts
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