Cady Finlayson

NYPD Memorial Hamiltonparade Jameson Bus Pub Crawl Jameson Bus 2 Irish Parade Queen's Library

Irish Events (click to enlarge)

caramoor2Vitae and his admirers caramoor3Cady showing the Irish spirit caramoor4The crowd caramoor5Tim on the bodhran caramoor6The kids love to dance caramoor8The kids making their Irish art

Caramoor (click to enlarge)

float driverTrenton St. Patrick's Day Parade with Peter (the best float driver ever!) Trenton St. Patrick's Day Parade Cady's favorite videographer (Brian) Trenton paradeTrenton1 Trenton2Trentaon2 Trenton3


Trenton parade(click to enlarge)

brazos Cady and Vita two guitars

Texas tour (click to enlarge)

audience carriage barn entertaining readiing reviews bennington1 bennington2

Cady and Vita play at Park-McCullough House (click to enlarge)

Almost Heaven Tour (click to enlarge)

Irish Coffee Shoot (click to enlarge)

Harp and Shamrock Tour (click to enlarge)

Cady with Jodee James at the Celtic Sisters House Concert (click to enlarge)

Cady and Dehconte in Washington, DC (click to enlarge)

Storm King Arts Center; Coney Island

Fiddlefest (click to enlarge)

Irish Fiddle Night at Knitting Factory

Cady at Carnegie Hall (click to enlarge)

Song for EvanIrishFest at Third Street School